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Casting Enterprise Introduction

Really Do Things In Reality

Beetle in shenyang heavy industry group, the predecessor to hongqiao group, including seven company: shenyang beetle reducer co., LTD., shenyang liaoning stone crankshaft manufacturing co., LTD., shenyang beetle foundry, hongqiao malls, car sales company, hongqiao hongqiao hotel, hongqiao supermarket, total assets of 1.28 billion yuan, the staff 1787 people, covers an area of 300000 square meters.

Shenyang jingui casting factory is a member enterprise of shenyang jingui heavy industry group.

Main products: automotive crankshaft, machine parts, reducer box, gear blank, low carbon steel, alloy steel, heat resistant steel, wear-resistant parts and other resin sand casting.


Shenyang famous brand products

On September 1, 2002, shenyang municipal people's government issued the certificate of "shenyang famous brand enterprise" for the company.


Units that honor contracts and credit

In March 2007, shenyang municipal administration for industry and commerce issued shenyang golden turtle speed reducer plant certificate of 2006.


High and new technology enterprise certification

On September 27, 2007, shenyang jingui speed reducer factory was awarded the high-tech enterprise certification by shenyang science and technology bureau.

Choose Us Choose A Good Product


Seeking Perfection In Detail And Creating Excellence In Management


People Oriented, Real Life, Solid Work.

People first, real life, solid work, high-quality products, perfect services and survival of the fittest strong sense of responsibility to win the trust of customers.

Casting factory


Main Resin Sand Casting, Variety And Excellent Quality.

Main products: automotive crankshaft, machine parts, reducer box, gear blank, low carbon steel, alloy steel, heat resistant steel, wear resistant parts and other kinds of medium, large, small resin sand casting pieces.

Shenyang jingui casting factory


To Win The Trust Of The Customers With High Quality Products

Turtle products are neither qualified in quality concept, nor in the manufacture of qualified, but durable products use, let the user give full marks to qualify.

Quality policy: the tangible quality of products and intangible services are the most qualified veto power of the company; The user to high expectations for future products are the responsibility of employees and the overall goal of the factory.

Grey iron castings

Golden Tortoise Casting Product

Reputation Is Derived From The Price Of Star Quality From Cost Control

Application of heat treatment technology for gray iron parts>

Fully automatic crankshaf...

Automatic crankshaft cleaner is widely used in cleaning machine, such as milling machine cleaning, CNC machine tool cleaning and foundry equipment cleaning and injection machine cleaning. Mechanical a...
  • Automatic sand belt polishing machine
  • Nc double grinding wheel crankshaft with dynamic grinding machine b2-k1018
  • Well type gas carburizing furnace
  • Japan imported NISSIN CNC lathes
  • Nc high end surface cylindrical grinding machine
  • CNC connecting rod journal lathe SUC8122
  • CNC milling end face center hole machine
  • Fully automatic crankshaft cleaner
  • Automatic variable - pressure crankshaft Angle rolling press
  • Iron covered wire
  • Heat treatment furnace
  • Casting heat treatment furnace






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