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Shenyang jingui casting factory

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Address: no. 15, liaozhong commercial street, shenyang city

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Shenyang jingui speed reducer factory co. LTD

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Shenyang beetle reducer co., LTD. (formerly shenyang beetle reducer), is a wholly owned company with international high-end production technology, ISO9001-2008 quality system certification of qualified units, total assets of 300 million yuan, registered capital of 30 million yuan, 430 employees, including senior titles of technical personnel 18 people, intermediate title personnel 69 people, technical personnel 98 people, skilled workers, on average, intermediate grade, covers an area of 100000 square meters.

[corporate value]

Municipal level: dual-innovation demonstration enterprises, high-tech enterprises, advanced tax paying units, etc.;

Provincial-level: "specialized and special new" product enterprises, high-tech enterprises, AAA credit rating, advanced environmental protection units, advanced spiritual civilization units, member factories of machinery and equipment manufacturing bases, etc.;

National level: adopt international standard advanced unit, user satisfaction product unit, enterprise culture construction advanced unit, abiding by the contract value credit advanced unit, ten good credit enterprises and other honorary titles.

[corporate market]

Domestic market: power, metallurgy, coal machinery, rubber, lifting, cement and other industries;

International market: products are exported to more than 10 countries and regions in southeast Asia, Iran, Japan, the United States, Russia, Indonesia and so on.

[geographic position]

Located at no. 15 liaozhong commercial street, shenyang city, liaoning province, 1 km from liaozhong exit of beijing-shenyang expressway and 1.5 km from liaozhong station of beijing-shenyang high-speed railway, transportation is convenient.






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Phone: 18940018888


Telephone: 024-62908888

Email address: sjj8000@sohu.com

Address: no. 15, liaozhong commercial street, shenyang city

Fax: 024-87880508

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